New Product


These ultralight and unique men and women's bi-fold wallets have been fashioned from recycled paragliders. Once floating among the clouds, the fabric is now working hard for you as durable, tough and unique wallets. After procuring the decommissioned paraglider wings, they are disassembled and then washed. The fabric is cut into usable sized strips. From there I proceed to design, layout, cut, and stitch each wallet. Folded, these ecofriendly wallets measure 4 x 4 inches, and opened out flat they measure 4 x 8 inches. And the best part is they are practically weightless. The interior colors echo the colors of the bold exterior geometric designs.

The strong colors and designs makes the wallets easy to find on cluttered desktops or tables, or in backpacks or briefcases. Decorate your desk with these mini quilts when you are not using them as wallets. These minimalist wallets have one large pocket for cash and receipts. The men's wallets have six credit card pockets for cards and I.D., and the women's include a zippered pocket for change, and an extra velcro tab on the outside. Center fold facing card pockets are designed to have added security. These wallets are so flat you can sit on them comfortably in your back pocket, but they will even fit comfortably in front pant and shirt pockets. Made from incredibly durable ripstop nylon. 100% machine washable.